Erin DeLullo - 2009
President, DeLullo & Associates

"High-Dollar" Fundraiser; Event Planner and Political Trainer

Topic(s): Fundraising: Make It Fun, Do It Successfully
Erin DeLullo Founder, DeLullo & Associates, LLC

Erin DeLullo Lewis has consistently achieved high levels of success in both the strategic and tactical areas of fundraising. In 2006, she was engaged as a senior strategist for, Ken Blackwell for Governor, and focused on his conservative DC and national high-dollar fundraising. Erin has been a consultant on federal races in states that include California, Hawaii, and North Dakota -- just to name a few. Her Virginia experience includes several state and local races.((Campaigns & Elections Magazine named Erin in 2006 a "Rising Star of Politics". In the 2004 cycle, she ran several national conservative events all over the country. She was also able to coordinate bringing the Speaker and Majority Leader to North Dakota - an unprecedented undertaking. That same year, she broke North Dakota fundraising records as their finance consultant by raising more than $810,000 from individuals from more than 33 states.((Before forming DeLullo & Associates, LLC, she gained experience in non-profit fundraising -- having served as Director of Development for the Patrick Henry Center. While there, she oversaw the complete fundraising operation and led the successful project, funding the Center's first book: Thunder on the Left: An Insiders Report on the Hijacking of the Democratic Party.((Previously, Erin served as Deputy Finance Director for U.S. Senator Bob Smith's re-election campaign, where she focused on PAC and national conservative fundraising.((Erin is also a life long proven movement conservative. In the early 1990s Erin brought suit against the Jefferson County, WV Board of Education for denying her schools Bible Club request to attend the National Day of Prayer. After a two-year court battle, a US District Judge forever enjoined the School Board with interfering with the Bible Club's activities.

DeLullo & Associates believes that you can't rely on anything that you don't directly ask for.  A frequent speaker on fundraising and campaign politics, Erin is a regular speaker for groups such as the Leadership Institute, National Republican Congressional Committee's Campaign Management College, American University and Regent University.

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