Class of 2021 – New Fellows’ Orientation

LDI Speaker Session #1 – “Government, Finances, Leading Through a Crisis”

A.J Schall, Jr., Director at Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), State of Delaware; Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor, Department of Safety & Homeland Security - “Leading Through a Crisis and All Things COVID Response” Darryl M. Scott, Director, Division of Unemployment Insurance, Department of Labor, State of Delaware - “Unemployment in Delaware, How it Works and COVID Impacts”  Richard “Rick” J. Geisenberger, Secretary of the Department of Finance, State of Delaware - “Delaware’s CFO: Responsible for Statewide Revenue Forecasting, Tax Policy Analysis, Unclaimed Property Administration, Bond Finance, and more” Senator David P. Sokola, Delaware Senator, District 8, President Pro Tempore - “It’s a New Day in the Delaware Senate, What to Expect”  W. Kurt Foreman, President & CEO, Delaware Prosperity Partnership; Former Executive Vice President, Economic Development for the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce - “Moving Delaware Forward: Collaborating for a Better Future”  Jeffrey W. Bullock, Delaware's 80th Secretary of State - “The Important Role of Delaware’s Secretary of State”  Glenn C. Kenton, Esq., Former Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, Key Advisory to Gov. Pete du Pont; Director/Partner, Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. (ret.); LDI Advisory Board Member - “Leadership and the du Pont Administration” Fellows’ Group Project #1 Presentations - “One Person Can Make a Difference: The Pete du Pont Administration Did”