LDI Speaker Session #4 – “Equality, Cultural Competencies and Leadership”

Keith Hunt, Chief Diversity Officer, State of Delaware - “Diversity and Inclusion in the State of Delaware, How Do We Look and What Are Our Challenges?” Maria Matos, President & CEO, Latin American Community Center - “Shaping Long Term Advocacy into a Seat at the Public Policy Table.”  John McNeal, Director, State Council for Persons with Disabilities “Delawareans with Disabilities, the Opportunities and Challenges They Face Over 30 years After the Americans with Disabilities Act.” Logan Herring, CEO, Kingswood Community Center, REACH Riverside, The Warehouse - “We WRK Together – The Thanksgiving Mode.” Beatrice “Bebe” Coker, Community Activist; Founding Director, Black Heritage Educational/ Theater Group; Playwright, Poet, and Lyricist - “Before, During, and After: Brown v. Board of Education; Desegregation.” Melanie Ross Levin, Director, Office of Women's Advancement & Advocacy, State of Delaware - “We Have Come A Long Way Since the Suffrage Movement, and Still a Long Way to Go.” Sen. Ernesto B. Lopez, Delaware Senator, District 6 - “How to Navigate Legislative Policy as a Minority in the Minority Caucus…Bravely.”

Women’s History Month – Agents of Change Award & Conference

Annually, in March, Women in Leadership Development & Empowerment (WILDE), celebrates Women’s History Month in recognition of the contributions of women globally to history, culture and society.  We also acknowledge women who are paving the way, and creating seats at the table for other women to follow. Jennifer Cohan is one of five women who will be honored as the Agents of Change Award Recipients. For more information or to register, click the link in the details section.


Greater Kent Committee (GKC)

Jennifer Cohan will be presenting to the GKC to give them updates on all that Leadership Delaware (LDI) is doing and to get more companies and businesses involved with LDI. To learn more about GKC, visit the link below in the details.