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Take a look at 1440 Film Co.’s downtown studio

Mar 22, 2021

A 1440 shoot featuring Sen. Chris Coons.

A 1440 shoot featuring Sen. Chris Coons.

(Courtesy photo)

When Mike Pfeifer founded 1440 Film Co. in 2019, he rented a small office at The Mill. Most projects were on location, and it was easy enough to find studio space to use when it was needed. He wasn’t actively looking for an all-in-one studio-slash-office.

But when he heard that the sprawling fourth-floor space at 605 N. Market St. — a building known as the former home of coworking space CoIN Loft and data and analytics agency CompassRed, and the current home of WHYY — he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move in.