Jenifer Mutter

Health Administration Officer & Assistant to Wing Plans, Delaware Air National Guard

Jenifer Mutter graduated from Smyrna High. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Animal Science and Agriculture Education from the University of Delaware, and her Master’s in Business Administration from Strayer University.

Jenifer enlisted in the Delaware Air National Guard in 2006 as an Aircrew Flight Equipment Technician and has deployed to locations around the world, including Afghanistan, in 2007. She transitioned full-time with the Delaware Air National Guard in 2014, working in Operations Support. In 2017 Jenifer commissioned within the Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron as a Health Services Administrative Officer and quickly became the Officer In Charge of the Radio Transmission Frequency section. In her current assignment, she serves to support the Medical Group and Inspector General’s offices, coordinating readiness and efficiency training and assists with strategic planning for the Airlift Wing.

Jenifer is passionate about fundraising and volunteering within the community and with local non-profits. She is an active member within the Sigma Alpha-Alpha Kappa Chapter Alumni, serves on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Executive Leadership Board for the Delaware Chapter, and ran for Woman of the Year in 2019. She was the President of the Junior Enlisted Council, which was awarded the Chief’s Choice Award in 2016 and now supports the Company Grade Officer Council. Jenifer lives in Magnolia with her two children, Alexander and Adalyn.