About Us


Why Leadership Delaware?

We, Leadership Delaware, believe that leaders with vision and integrity, with the commitment to affect positive change in the Delaware community and our nation, are all too few. Yes, every company, nonprofit, and foundation does have some within their ranks who “have IT,” but virtually every organization cries out, “Where are our leaders of tomorrow?”

To meet this pressing need, Gov. Pete du Pont, Terry and Sandy Strine came together to create Leadership Delaware during the summer of 2008.  By all accounts and every measure, our Leadership Delaware program has already made significant progress in “building the bench” of Delaware’s next generation of leaders.  And, we have just begun.  There is much more work to be done, and we are up to the task!

Our program offers a series of issue-oriented forums and experiences, which are based on the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Ours is an intensive, fast-moving program described by our Fellows as “an MBA in Delaware!” The breadth and depth of our full year program give our Fellows the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from 135-140 speakers – those in the state who “make it happen” every day. These prominent and accomplished Delaware leaders, Corporate CEO’s, the Governor, members of the Cabinet, University Presidents, Legislators, and members of the Judiciary, present on topics including: the Economy, Healthcare, Education, Leadership, Government & Public Affairs, Law & the Judiciary, Delaware Industry, Nonprofits & Philanthropy, the Arts, Politics, Law Enforcement, and more!

Just as a pebble in a pond creates ever wider circles, emanating outward until those circles reach every bank of the pond, so our Leadership Delaware Fellows are touching our Delaware community in a way few thought possible.


Leadership Delaware, Inc. (LDI) recruits outstanding young Delawareans and prepares them with the knowledge, vision, integrity and networks to significantly impact and transform their communities, and to excel at community, nonprofit, political, professional, and corporate leadership within the First State.


Leadership Delaware enables Fellows to achieve the highest levels of leadership throughout the First State.


Leadership Delaware is a United Way of Delaware Designation Write-in agency. Donors wishing to designate their contributions to our organization should write Leadership Delaware” on their designation form, along with our code number 12916 on their pledge form. This code number is only valid through United Way of Delaware’s campaign.