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Leadership Delaware, Inc. (LDI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-partisan, nonprofit, organization which recruits and mentors outstanding young leaders who have the “stuff of leadership,” those with the potential, passion, and courage to excel at community, nonprofit, political, professional, and corporate leadership within the First State. Our graduates have the knowledge, vision, integrity, and networks to significantly impact and transform our communities.

Testimonials From Our Fellows

James Leonard

Jamie Leonard ’18,
New Castle County Police Department

“Leadership Delaware afforded me an opportunity to collaborate with others outside of my career field. In doing so, I was able to approach “typical” issues in law enforcement  from a much broader perspective benefiting not only my department and its officers, but also the community as a whole. On an individual level, Leadership Delaware fosters an environment that not only encourages personal growth, it demands it. And with that demand comes constant support, mentoring, and influence which allowed me grow professionally and personally. The friendships made in LDI are lifelong ones and the network of people you meet all have, at minimum, one thing in common; to make the State of Delaware a much better place.”


Kelly Basile ’16,
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

“Leadership Delaware was one of the most invaluable experiences I’ve had in my career to date. The access to leaders, knowledge I gained, and skills I developed through this program truly helped to propel my career forward. But most importantly, the relationships you build during this program are next to none. I will carry those relationships with me always.”


Nikkia Squires ’19, ChristianaCare

Leadership Delaware helped me re-evaluate my purpose, empowered me to tackle obstacles as they come, and reminded me that the sky’s the limit.  I learned so much more about this state and look forward to continued growth with my LDI family.”

Roger Chaufornier

Roger Chaufournier II ‘20,
The Ocean Atlantic Companies

“Participating in Leadership Delaware has been like receiving the key that unlocks all of the inner workings of the state.  Being in a class with the other fellows who are all highly motivated and highly accomplished individuals lets you see those levers that make the state function from all kinds of different perspectives. Sharing in the common goal of making Delaware a better place for ourselves, and for future generations makes the information we are interacting with invaluable.”

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