Leadership Delaware offers a series of issue-oriented forums and experiences, which are based on the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Ours is an intensive, fast-moving program…described by our Fellows as “an MBA in Delaware!”

Be Informed

Collecting the dots, to connect the dots, through informative issue-oriented forums and experiences.

Be Inspired

Our mission is to recruit outstanding young Delawareans and prepares them with the knowledge, vision, integrity and networks to significantly impact and transform their communities, and to excel at community, nonprofit, political, professional, and corporate leadership within the First State.

Be Encouraged

Many dozens of our Fellows HAVE, in fact, risen to higher levels of leadership. Continue reading to see examples of our Fellows’ accomplishments.


Leadership Delaware has two mandatory sessions each month, from February through November, totaling 230 hours of classroom time.

Sessions are conducted in all three counties, but held primarily in New Castle County. We are hosted by generous supporters of the program.

Sessions include speaker presentations, Q&A and group presentations, as well as public speaking.

Check out this year’s session agendas.

Group Projects

Fellows are also required to complete several small group research projects over the course of the year.

  • Project 1: One person can make a difference, a study of the Gov. Pete du Pont administration
  • Project 2: Community Organization Collaboration (COC) with one or more nonprofit organizations. The mission of this group project is to increase the breadth and depth, the significance of the impact of the selected nonprofits within the Delaware community.

The program’s breadth and depth give our Fellows the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from 145-150 speakers – those in the state who “make it happen” every day.

These prominent and accomplished Delaware leaders, Corporate CEOs, the Governor, members of the Cabinet, University Presidents, Legislators, and members of the Judiciary … and more.  These leaders present on topics including: the Economy, Healthcare, Education, Leadership, Government & Public Affairs, Law & the Judiciary, Delaware Industry, Nonprofits & Philanthropy, the Arts, and Law Enforcement.

Our Fellows

Each year we recruit, interview, and select an ever broader and deeper “slice” of our community, filling the pipeline with Delaware’s best and brightest young leaders, and building the foundation for Delaware to truly become the First State once again. Fellows come from broad and diverse backgrounds including:

        • Agribusiness Leaders
        • Army / Air Force National Guard Members
        • Attorneys
        • Bankers and Financial Planners
        • Business and Marketing Professionals
        • Educators (Teachers, Administrative Professionals, School Leaders)
        • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
        • Government and Political Leaders
        • Nonprofit Executives
        • Physicians & Medical Professionals
        • Police Force Commanders
        • Real Estate Developers and Realtors