Tatiana Poladko-Alleyne

Tatiana Poladko-Alleyne Founder/CEO, TeenSHARP

Tatiana Poladko is the founder and CEO of TeenSHARP, an organization that prepares talented African American and Latino youth to attend and thrive at our nation’s top colleges. Launched in 2009 in Camden, NJ, TeenSHARP now serves hundreds of students and parents across the State of Delaware and in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Every year at least 95% of TeenSHARP scholars gain admission into the nation’s top colleges (i.e. Cornell University, Yale University, Swarthmore College, Smith College, Brandeis University, University of Delaware, to name a few) and nearly 100% of scholars persisting and on track to graduation in college. In this way, TeenSHARP is dramatically expanding the diverse talent pipeline in Delaware and beyond.

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